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Chrissy Kaplan

Yacht Broker

Chrissy Kaplan has been a part of City Yachts, Gashouse Cove Marina, Inc. since the early 70s. She has watched generations of families transition from race boats, to cruising yachts and some even back to racing, just like her own family. Chris started racing Cal 20s on San Francisco Bay and has personally owned more than 40 boats of all shapes and sizes.

Certainly a 1935 – 55ft Schooner SANTANA (Bogie’s Boat), which was fully restored and owned for over 15 years, was the most notable among the lot. Chris transitioned from sales to the broker role fully in 1992 when the family diversified, opening two Bay Area boat yards (Keefe Kaplan Maritime, Inc.) managed and run by her husband Paul Kaplan and their partner Ken Keefe.

“I can easily put myself into every aspect of the yacht purchase scenario having been there so many times myself. I understand the emotion of selling a family treasure and when buying – the joy of adding that new adventure. My goal is to help the process stay as simple, smooth and professional as should be expected. Find the perfect boat that matches the desired use for the boater. ”

Chris currently owns four boats.

  • 60′ Custom Lash Barge; Chartered by American Waterlife Association in Richmond, CA
  • 21ft Novurania; an Italian Rigid Inflatable
  • 33ft Greenline; a Solar/Electric/Diesel Hybrid
  • SPRITE“; a lovingly restored 1964 Cal 20 – full circle.

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